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Home Hygiene Pack

Home Hygiene Pack


Our Home Hygiene Pack features our best selling cleaning products from fan favourite, Murchison-Hume.

100% plant-based cleaning products that are non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable, free from environmental pollutants and never tested on animals. It's also safe to use with kids and pets in the house!

Our Home Hygiene Pack includes:

Counter Intelligence Spray 500ml - great for all surfaces from kitchen counter tops to cabinetry to cleaning out the Household bin.  

Effortless Floor Cleaner 1L - add a slurp to your mop bucket. Suitable for tiles, timber, vinyl and concrete. 

Boys Bathroom Cleaner 500ml - suitable for boys and girls alike, this is our best selling toilet and shower cleaner. Simply spray and flush or wipe, cleaning the loo has never been so easy. 

Garment Groom 500ml - This dual use spray is great for disinfecting and deoderising garments dry or use as a pre-wash stain remover. Suitable for wool and delicates. 



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