Stealing is legal in wordXchange, the all-new anagram game that pits you against your rivals and against the clock in an all-out battle to make and keep words. The winner is the first to make and line up six words. The catch? No word is safe! You can steal words made by your opponents, add one or more letters and reshuffle them into one of your own. As the words multiply, the possibilities are endless.

Plus, wordXchange "ain't over 'till it's over," as any player can come from behind by stealing his opponents' words. And the game is lightning fast. You can play an entire round in less than thirty minutes. wordXchange takes strategy and quick thinking. wordXchange is simply...a battle to the last word!

Suitable for Ages 10+

Each game contains: 1 Game Pad, 126 Transparent Letter-Tiles, 14 White Plastic Easels, 1 Digital Timer, 1 Black Velvet Bag, 1 Digital Timer, 12 Page Hoe-To-Play Booklet

Category: Games, Hot Now, Novelty

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: pomegranate.com.au

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