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Rugged Hide by Oran Leather

Today Oran Leather is one of Australia’s leading wholesale leather goods companies. Oran Leather uses the highest quality, natural leather from some of the world’s oldest and best tanners in India, where the skills are passed down through the generations.

Oran Leather are  proud of their excellent craftsmanship, quality fittings and natural hide. Their goods are individually hand made, so no two pieces are identical, meaning each is a perfect match made just for you.

  • The Factories Which Oran Leather uses, which includes workers and management, is responsible for the management of the Fairtrade in accordance with Fairtrade standards.
  • Working conditions are equitable for all workers. Health and safety measures must be established in order to avoid work-related injuries.
  • Oran Leather strongly prohibits the use of under age workers when manufacturing our products and the same apply for working hours and working conditions.